To continue the never-ending hype surrounding Pokémon X & Y, The Pokémon Company has announced on its Twitter and Facebook pages that it'll reveal a never-before-seen evolution on the latter tomorrow, 25th September.

The company is keeping hush on the details, asking trainers to guess who the Pokémon could possibly be an evolved form of. The most recent Pokémon to steal the limelight was Aurorus, a Rock / Ice type 'mon evolved from Amura.

For even more news about the new entries to the series, we recently had the privilege to sit down with Pokémon X and Y's Director Junichi Masuda and Chief Designer Hironobu Yoshida to discuss the hotly anticipated title.

Are you looking forward to Pokémon X & Y's release? We can imagine that quite a lot of time will be spent in the Kalos region, just make sure to have your Max Potions on hand to boost your energy.

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