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Later this week, on 12th September, the NPD results for August video game sales in the U.S. will be revealed and, in addition, Nintendo may or may not reveal key statistics and sales of its own. The statistics from NPD aren't without flaws and shortcomings, particularly as they don't account for download sales figures due to platform holders not necessarily being open with those numbers. They do serve a purpose, even with flaws in mind.

According to gamesindustry.biz, Cowen & Company has stepped out ahead of the official results to reveal its estimates, and if accurate they bode well for past month of video game sales in the U.S. It's projecting a sales increase of 21% over the equivalent period in 2012, which is the first sign of double-digit growth year-on-year in two and a half years. Madden NFL 25 seems to be the major driving point — of which Nintendo won't get a share on Wii U — as it has sold over a million units in its first week.

A series of other major releases have contributed, however, with multi-platform releases Saints Row IV (522,000 units), Disney Infinity (225,000 units) and Splinter Cell Blacklist (209,000 units) all pitching in — the latter two also arrived on Wii U, with Disney Infinity also landing on 3DS and Wii. Nintendo may have some cause to be pleased, however, as Cowen & Company listed Wii U exclusive Pikmin 3 as having sold well and shifted around 185,000 units in August following its release at the start of the month.

Perhaps not monster numbers, but decent nevertheless. We'll see what NPD and Nintendo have to say about the official results later in the week.

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