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Monday means various things, such as a feeling of dread in the pit of one's stomach, the European Nintendo Download update and also — for those that like retail sales information — the UK all-format software charts.

This week's results from UKIE once again reflect the different fortunes for the increasingly established 3DS and the Wii U, which still awaits an anticipated bump in the Holiday sales. The star for the 3DS is Animal Crossing: New Leaf, once again, which maintains its position in 5th place with a 9% drop on last weeks sales, which is reasonable compared to the fall-off endured by some other titles. Other 3DS exclusives in the top 40 are Luigi's Mansion 2 in 21st and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. in 24th place, while LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins and evergreen Mario Kart 7 cling on in 36th and 38th places, respectively.

There is some disappointing news, once again, for Pikmin 3; it's continued its slide down the charts to 37th place, which strongly suggests that this'll be the title's last week in the top 40. After a strong start it's been a fairly rapid slide down the rankings, once again reflecting the perils of a lower install base, while the 3DS provides ample proof that momentum is possible for Nintendo games once a platform becomes more established.

The Wii U is still in its early days, of course, with a lot of exclusives coming over the course of the year; perhaps this time next year games on the home console will enjoy similar momentum to those on 3DS.

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