Sucking in the views

While the EVO tournament is always a popular event, the issues surrounding the inclusion of Super Smash Bros. Melee grabbed a lot of headlines. The Nintendo legal team denied permission for the game to be live streamed, and then Nintendo of America rapidly retracted that decision, so that the brawler's contest could go ahead.

That decision seems to have turned out well for everyone, with the Melee event breaking EVO records for concurrent viewers online, with the number apparently hitting a whopping 130,000. It's not only a victory for EVO, of course, but also says much for the enduring popularity of the Smash Bros. series and its role in the fighting game world. Writer at Penny Arcade Report Andrew Groen, meanwhile, tweeted that those in attendance made their feelings very clear.

So the event was undoubtedly a success after its pre-broadcast troubles. Will Melee return next year? We doubt that either EVO or Nintendo would reject the idea.