Phoenix Wright and crew have faced some pretty wild court cases in their time and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies is shaping up to appear no different. But how does one even begin to devise the crazy crimes that players are tasked with unraveling?

Siliconera recently spoke with series producer Motohide Eshiro and game scenario director Takeshi Yamazaki to find out. The answer, according to Yamazaki, ends up being quite simple: you dive in crazy-first:

If you go in the other direction — if you start with all the logical stuff and then throw in the twist — you end up coming up with something that doesn’t ring true. So early on, again, we think of something really shocking. To put it as a metaphor, we plant a flag really high up on a mountain somewhere and then logically try to get to that point. We find that ends up being the most compelling way to do it, story-wise.

The frequent clashes in the series between spiritual elements and hard science prove fertile ground for building these outrageous mysteries, Yamazki added:

Basically, these supernatural things are a convenient tool, story-wise. There’s always a surprising event that occurs and it always appears to be supernatural, and in the end you end up explaining it logically. Once again, this harkens back to setting up a flag high up on a mountain — that’s the supernatural stuff — and then we need to logically get through that and figure out why it’s not that.

The interview also goes into the ways in which the developers wanted to make Dual Destinies continue from the previous entries in the series, and the reasonings behind bringing certain favourite characters back. Of course, this comes with the usual “wait and see” when the subject of Maya Fey comes up. There is also the previously revealed statement that Eshiro would enjoy working on another Ace Attorney Investigations title.

What do you think of how the cases play out in the Ace Attorney series? Feel free to post your (non-spoiler!) opinions below.