Skyward Sword Zelda

One of the oddities — depending on your perspective — with The Legend of Zelda as a series is that you don't actually play as the named character. Zelda is an authority figure, a ruler of Kingdoms, yet often needs to be saved or, at the very least, enlists the help of Link to tackle the villain of the day. As a character she undoubtedly has moments where that power and authority comes to bear, with actions that save Link, others and generally portray the character well; the world's fate has also been in her hands.

And yet she's never been playable — again, we're not counting CDi games — and has often been Link's primary quest, as he tackles waves of enemies and fiendish dungeons to rescue her. It's a tale as old as storytelling itself, yet a fan group has taken to Facebook to try and pressurise Nintendo into giving Zelda greater prominence, with the title "Nintendo, Please Give Princess Zelda a Stronger Role". Below is the group's main request.

"Stronger" can mean a lot of things. The character the Legend of Zelda series is named after is the ruler of a country with the Power of Wisdom and the Gods at her disposal, yet she's often represented as a damsel in distress. While she's had great moments as characters like Sheik and Tetra, she more often than not feels like a background character, overshadowed by the two other Triforce bearers, Link and Ganon. Nintendo, the fans, male and female, have wanted this for so long: please give Princess Zelda future roles more befitting of her actual attributes. And, if you see fit, make her a playable protagonist.

We do know, of course, that Nintendo is working on the next main series title on Wii U, with no release window to date. Eiji Aonuma has spoken about it being an evolution for the series, with the team exploring new ideas; perhaps the adventure could contain areas where either Link or Zelda are playable, or even a choice from the very beginning. At this stage, the possibility is, of course, there.

Whether Nintendo will do this is uncertain until we see the new title and learn more. If you want to support this fan campaign — with a follower number rapidly increasing — head on over to its Facebook page. As always let us know what you think in the comments below, but when doing so be considerate to your fellow community members.