It's that time of month again. Time for Pokemaniacs the world over to eagerly tear open their web browsers and find out what Japanese magazine CoroCoro has in store for the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. This month fans get a peek at some brand new Pokemon, as well as some tidbits about Kalos legends Xerneas and Yveltal. Translations for names as well as images come courtesy of the good folks at Serebii.

(Note: Japanese names are used where English names have not yet been revealed or translated.)

  • Xerneas is pure Fairy-type and learns a mysterious move called Geo Control. It also has the Ability Fairy Aura, which boosts the power of Fairy-type moves.
  • Yveltal is Dark/Flying-type and can learn Death Wing. It has the Ability Dark Aura, which powers up Dark-type moves.
  • Goronda (rumored English name: Pangoro) evolves from the previously revealed Pancham. Like its pre-evolution, it is Dark/Fighting-type. Its Ability is Iron Fist, and its Hammer Arm move gains a strength boost from this Ability. Apparently the method for evolving Pancham to Goronda is something not yet seen for any other Pokemon.
  • Peropaffu is a Fairy-type "Cotton Candy Pokemon." It has an all-new Ability, Sweet Pale, which prevents allies from falling asleep. It also learns a new move called Drain Kiss. Peropaffu is exclusive to Pokemon X.
  • Shushup is also a Fairy-type Pokemon, and is classified as the "Perfume Pokemon." Accordingly, it learns the move Aromatherapy and has the Healer Ability. Shushup is exclusive to Pokemon Y.
  • The "Rotation Pokemon" Maika is the pre-evolved form of the "Reversal Pokemon" Karamanero (rumored English names: Inkay and Malimar). These squid-like Pokemon are both Dark/Psychic-type and can have the Ability Suction Cups or Contrary. Maika can learn a Dark-type move called Turn Over which reverses stat changes.
  • The two previously revealed Water-type Pokemon Clauncher and Skrelp are exclusive to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, respectively.
  • Honedge, the recently revealed Ghost/Steel-type Pokemon, has the Ability No Guard.

In addition to the new information about the Pokemon themselves, some details about the antagonist team were shared. In Pokemon X and Y, the player will be battling against Team Flair. Apparently the only goal of Team Flair is to make money, but perhaps there are some secrets behind this organization's motives.

Also discussed were Professor Purataanu (rumoured English name: Patrice) who gives you your starter Pokemon, Gym Leader Shitoron, who sports a Doc Ock-looking set of mechanical arms, and another Gym Leader named Zakuro who is said to be a renowned athlete.

What do you think of the new Pokemon? Will you be trying out any of the new Fairy-types? Let us know in the comments!