Like parkour with wheels

Last year we reported that Urban Trial Freestyle was coming to the 3DS eShop, a title that previously arrived on the PlayStation Network on PS3 and PS Vita. As the name suggests, it draws a lot of inspiration from the Trials series by RedLynx, offering a budget download-only alternative to the Xbox 360/PC exclusive series.

The good news is that this release has now been confirmed, with an arrival in Europe and North America set for 27th June. It'll feature three single player modes — Time Attack, Challenge and Stunt Mode — across 45+ levels, though multiplayer will be limited to ghost races where you can "challenge friends", so that may be limited to your system's Friend List. The 3DS eShop version will include a new Track Editor, exclusive to the platform, which is sure to be welcome.

Will this be a modern-day Excitebike, something better or a title that crashes and burns? Not long until we find out.