Speaking in a developer video, Shigeru Miyamoto has enthused about Pikmin 3, explaining that he became convinced that the upcoming Wii U title is a game that everybody can play after some neighbourhood children recognised his Pikmin characters. Nintendo's legendary game designer mentioned how pleased he is with how the game has turned out, going so far as to say that it feels that Wii U was created for Pikmin.

Elsewhere in the talk, Miyamoto offered up information on control methods and gameplay modes. Players can choose between Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk, GamePad controls or even the Wii U Pro Controller, and play either on the television or on the GamePad screen alone. On top of the main story mode, there are also smaller timed missions of seven-to-ten minutes, plus a Bingo Battle versus mode where players race to finish a bingo card by collecting items. Do you race towards your own objective as fast as possible, or do you ruin your opponent's chances by blocking their progress?

In the campaign, you're now restricted by limited-time days — but you can take as many days as you like to complete your mission. Interestingly, bosses also retain damage over multiple days. For example, if you harm a boss and then run out of time for the in-game day, you can return the following morning and finish off the cretin.

You can hear more about Pikmin 3 straight from the mouth of Shigeru Miyamoto here — are you looking forward to the return of the strategy game?