If you like your tactical RPGs wet and whimsical, then Squids may be able to serve something up for you on the 3DS and Wii U eShops this summer.

Squids, made by The Game Bakers, originally came out for iOS and was later released on other mobile devices and the PC. According to French website Pockett.net, Nintendo’s versions will contain levels from the original title and its sequel, Squids Wild West. Brand new levels and characters will also be included.

The basics of gameplay involve yanking back on your playable cephalopods’ tentacles and sending them careening around levels, slamming into enemies, sort of like a top-down Angry Birds. RPG elements come in the form of managing each squid’s stamina and special attacks each turn.

Does Squids sound like a good fit for Nintendo’s eShops? Pull back and fire a comment at us below.

[source pockett.net, via gonintendo.com]