Same-sex marriages look set to be removed

Last week we reported on the discovery that Nintendo's Japan-only 3DS life-sim, Tomodachi Collection: New Life, included the option for same-sex marriage between men but not women — there were indications that it was an unintentional bug in the game. Web chatter suggested that some were even attracted to the game as a result of the feature unexpectedly being present, and Nintendo stated that an update would arrive but didn't make clear whether that would be to remove same-sex marriages or to apply it for female characters, too.

Whether unintentional or not, due to the political and social sensitivities of the issue Nintendo has been faced with a decision in terms of maintaining male-female marriages only, or using the discovered feature as an opportunity to open up the experience to same-sex couples. It seems that the company has gone for the former option, with an update on Nintendo's website suggesting that this feature will be removed in an upcoming patch, which will also resolve a few technical issues with save data and in-game notifications. We've marked this post as a rumour, as we're reliant on a Google translation, and would rather not make a cast-iron assumption on those grounds.

As we mentioned in our last post on the topic, gay rights are highly politicised issues, and Nintendo has — seemingly with no intention to do so — found itself involved. If the update page and translations are correct, Nintendo's decision to remove same-sex marriages entirely are sure to disappoint gay rights advocates, even if a 3DS game isn't necessarily the most important of grounds for these debates.

As always we welcome community opinions on these issues, but please stick to the topic of this game and be considerate of others' views in your comments.

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