Could it be the best Wii U game so far?

Wii U owners haven't had a whole lot of new releases in recent weeks - the delay of Rayman Legends hasn't helped matters - but LEGO City: Undercover will be arriving in a few short weeks, which is definitely something to look forward to.

Loz Doyle, the game's executive producer, recently spoke to NOW Gamer, where he revealed he believes LEGO City: Undercover will help boost Wii U sales.

I hope other developers don’t mind me saying this, but this is the best game on the Wii U at the moment.

It’s got real long term appeal, I don’t see it getting old for the life of the Wii U so I hope it will be a huge success.

Naturally, there's always going to be the worry that it will swan off to another console after a while, in the same way that titles such as Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge have done. However, Doyle doesn't see that happening with LEGO City: Undercover, because he doesn't think it could have been done on anything other than Wii U:

I can’t imagine the game working on any other system. We’d always wanted to do a LEGO City game, and we’d always wanted to work with Nintendo. The LEGO and Nintendo brands are a very natural fit, I think anyone would agree.

When we were first shown an early version of the Wii U, we knew they Lego City Undercover was the perfect match for the console. The available RAM on board meant we could create the city we wanted to, and the GamePad just opened up so many gameplay opportunities. We had to reign in the design team because they were coming up with so many uses for it.

It appears TT Fusion has really put the GamePad front-and-centre for LEGO City: Undercover. In an interview with us last month lead designer Lee Barber said he doesn't believe the game could function without it as "it’s pretty much central and a core element of the game".

LEGO City: Undercover will be released on 18th and 28th March in North America and Europe respectively. Check out our first impressions for more details on the game.

Do you think it has what it takes to be the best game on Wii U? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.