Train running late? Better check the Miiverse

During a talk at the Game Developers Conference today, Miiverse producer Kiyoshi Mizuki said Nintendo's popular social network application would be accessible on smartphones and PCs between April and May.

A 3DS version is currently in development and will arrive sometime in the future, though a release date is unknown at this point. Certain 3DS games and apps won't be compatible with the Miiverse when it arrives on the handheld, however.

The Miiverse app will provide basic functionality such as posting comments and drawing images. Interacting with the various communities will also be featured.

Nintendo is currently taking requests from game developers for what they would like to see in relation to the updated Miiverse API.

Are you looking forward to accessing Miiverse on the go? What else would you like to see added to the application? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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