ROM City Rampage Screen

A few days ago we were relieved to confirm that Retro City Rampage arrives on WiiWare on 28th February, a long-awaited and delayed retro homage to the original GTA titles. That description may sell it a little short, as it's packed with pop-culture references and diversions that are set to distract gamers on a regular basis.

Also confirmed for the WiiWare version of the title as a console-exclusive — it hits PC/Steam on the same day — is ROM City Rampage, a playable extra within the game's arcade that emulates the main game as it would have been on NES, apparently true to the real limitations of the hardware. Considering that other games in the Arcade include Virtual Meat Boy, BIT.TRIP: Retro City and Epic Meal Time, we suspect it's an area of the game that'll be popular.

Developer VblankEntertainment is currently preparing a "making of" documentary for this extra mode to show how that NES version was put together, and has released a teaser to show it off. It's just 15 seconds long, but shows some lovely pixel cars and lines of code.

Check it out below, and let us know whether any of you retro-heads are likely to spend more time in ROM City Rampage than the main game.

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