If you know your chiptune, then you'll already be aware of the band 8 Bit Weapon. Comprised of Seth & Michelle Sternberger, the band creates music using retro gaming hardware - including the C64, Game Boy, NES, Amiga and several other vintage systems.

The duo have launched a new album which celebrates more than ten years of chiptune success, and even features some of Michelle's own solo material, which is performed under the name ComputeHer.

We've been listening to the album all week in the Nintendo Life office and think it's amazing - it's like the soundtrack to the most awesome retro game you've never played.

You can purhase a digital copy of the album for just $4.99, or if you're a bit old-fashioned you can order a physical CD for $9.99.

Samples can be listened to here, and if you somehow still need convincing, here's a music video to whet your appetite.

[source 8bitweapon.com]