An eye-catching art style

Broken Rules has released a series of new videos showing off the various game modes in its upcoming Wii U title Chasing Aurora.

As the first title in a three-part series, Chasing Aurora is a 2D aerial action game in which players control birds and battle it out over the Alps for a glowing treasure known as Aurora's Gem. The game sports a beautiful retro vector art style and features five game modes. Two of these modes utilise the GamePad in a way that is quite similar to the Mario Chase and Luigi's Ghost Mansion mini-games in Nintendo Land. For example, in one mini-game the GamePad player is considered the prey, and the remaining players must cooperate in order to hunt him or her down. In the single-player mode, players must race against the clock while also avoiding obstacles and confronting dangerous weather conditions.

The videos below give a brief glimpse into what the game has to offer and include the developer's description of the main objective, though you can see the Hide and Seek footage here.

Chase Mode — Grab and keep Aurora's Gem, while trying to stay alone on the screen.

Trail Challenge — Fly through a course as fast as possible while hitting gates to score points.

Freeze Tag — The player on the GamePad plays the Ice Bird, whose goal is to freeze all other players.

A specific release date for Chasing Aurora has not yet been announced. However, Broken Rules has confirmed that it's expected to hit Wii U at some point before the end of the year.