In the previous feature Nnooo's Nic Watt took us through some of the more complex aspects of the player abilities in Spirit Hunters Inc., including some of the abilities which are unique to each element. In this third and final piece he will discuss some of the other things to be aware of before embarking on your spirit hunting career.

Elemental Choices

At the start of the game you choose an element to align yourself to. At level 25 you can purchase a new alignment and switch between the two outside of battle. At other points in the game you can purchase additional ones, so by the end of the game you can own all six elemental alignments. Furthermore, it is important to have a selection of elemental abilities in your bar as you will not always be facing spirits you are strong against. There are some abilities in each element which any player can use regardless of the element they are aligned to, so make sure you keep a few abilities from other elements in your bar.

My personal preference is to have abilities which are strong against those elements I am weak to in my bar. For example, if I am Fire I am weak to Water and Shadow so I keep some Light and Fungal abilities in my bar as both of those elements are strong against Water and Shadow. You should note that each element saves its own ability bar so you when you switch between them you get your bar back exactly how it was last time you used it.


Each element is strong to some elements and weak to others. This means if you are Fungal and face off against a Fire spirit it is going to be a hard battle for you. So in addition to making sure you try to keep Fever applied to the spirit another tactic you can do is to buy some items which give you an increase in Fire resistance. Some items like Apples and Sushi just heal you for an amount when you eat them. Other items like Mint Frappe's don't heal you at all but instead give you 30% increased Fire resistance for five
minutes. This means that any Fire damage a spirit does to you is reduced by 30%. There are also items which heal and provide resistances and even some strange concoctions which give double or triple resistances.

Levelling Up

Each spirit will give you XP and Ghoulders when you defeat it. If you capture a spirit you will get more Ghoulders than XP as Spirit Hunters Inc. will be able to use it for research. To get the most XP and Ghoulders you should pay attention to the following order:

1) Spirit of an element you are weak to gives the most XP and Ghoulders
2) Spirit of your element gives a moderate XP and Ghoulders
3) Spirit of an element you are strong against gives the lowest XP and Ghoulders

Note that defeating spirits you are weak to is harder than those you are strong against, so be careful. Finally there are also Gold and Silver versions of each spirit. These spirits are much, faster, stronger and harder to beat than their normal equivalents and will give you much more XP and Ghoulders should you defeat them. Good luck!