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Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops II will feature YouTube support to live stream online multiplayer League Play games, with the player's webcam and audio commentary also recorded. Those who pay for the Elite service, meanwhile, will be able to view additional info on players as they watch the action unfold.

As with the Elite subscription, however, Wii U is currently missing out on these features, with the YouTube service limited to Xbox 360 and PS3, while PC gamers will have similar streaming that isn't tied to the popular video service. An Activision representative, when quizzed by examiner.com, said that "Wii U will not have this feature at this time, but it is being evaluated for a future update".

While the Call of Duty series had a decent run of releases on Wii, they were often delayed or stripped back versions of the game — primarily due to system limitations. With Wii U, Nintendo gamers who enjoy the series are no doubt hoping to have an experience that's at least the equivalent of rival systems. It seems, however, that the details of Nintendo's online infrastructure are still being brought together, with some launch games lacking notable online functionality; the comment from Activision does, at least, open the door to a potential update that'll eventually bring the Wii U version up to par in the future.

Do missing online features like this put you off picking up Black Ops II on Wii U?

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