A few days ago, Nintendo was left with egg on its face after issuing conflicting reports about what resolution New Super Mario Bros. U would run at.

Now, it would seem as if Activision is the company that is to be left red-faced.

According to GotGame, an Activision representative has confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will NOT run natively at 1080p on the Wii U. Instead, the game will be upscaled (presumably from 720p) by the console itself.

Seeing as GotGame is reluctant to reveal the actual source of the news, we've decided to keep the salt shaker within reach for at least a little while.

According to the site, it has also been confirmed that the Wii U version will be getting its own unique Nuketown map as a reward for those who pre-order the game, but that good news is likely to be lost amid the baying and wailing of those affronted by the lack of true HD resolution.

Will it make any difference to how the game plays? Not likely, but when you consider that Activition has previously stated that 1080p support is going to be included, you can perhaps understand the vitriol.

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