In recent hours it's been reported on a number of websites, including our colleagues at Eurogamer, that New Super Mario Bros. U will support a full 1080p HD resolution, a bump up from the 720p seen in various demo and hands-on sessions of the game. The game's official site has been quoted as saying the following.

Experience Mario like never before... in full 1080p HD, only on the Wii U console!

It looks like someone at Nintendo of America got over-excited when that was written, however, as the sentence in question has now been edited.

Experience Mario like never before... in high definition, only on the Wii U console!

It seems as if the 1080p reference may have been in error, making it likely that the 720p resolution seen at events is reflective of what the final package will offer. There are some games that will be "full" HD, however, with download title Toki Tori 2 expected to be one of them.

So, does it matter? To many we suspect it won't, as 720p is still HD and rather pretty. Technology-aware gamers are more likely to notice the lower resolution, and some will use it as a stick with which to beat Nintendo and the capabilities of Wii U. From our time with this one we can say that it is an attractive game, but are you bothered if it doesn't push 1080p? Let the graphics resolution debate commence in the comments below.

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