As part of Nintendo's financial briefing earlier this week there was a display of a number of third-party titles in the works for Wii U, one of which was Need for Speed: Most Wanted. EA's juggernaut racing series makes its latest appearance on Xbox 360, PS3 and Vita in just a few days, but the Wii U version is currently slated for 2013.

We are very excited to deliver Need for Speed: Most Wanted on more platforms and to more gamers. Starting Oct. 30, Most Wanted will be available on X360, PS3, PS Vita, Android and iOS. Then in 2013, Nintendo fans will be able to experience what it means to be Most Wanted amongst their friends on the Wii U.

Of course, that brief statement doesn't indicate whether we can expect the port in Q1 of 2013, or whether it'll be released after the Spring. Details about what features will make it to Wii U, such as cross-platform online play as included in the upcoming release on other systems, are also saved for another day. It continues the trend of ports arriving on Wii U a number of months after the original — possibly due to publishers wanting to avoid crowding into a packed launch period — but we'll see whether release dates on Nintendo's system match competing consoles as next year progresses.

So, are you up for some racing chaos, Need for Speed-style, on Wii U?