Curly deserves a glitch-free story too

If you haven't read our Cave Story review, then let us sum it up for you: we loved it. The eShop version of the indie game that started it all is fantastic, except for one issue.

It turns out that some people are having problems with the Curly Story mode. Specifically, they can't get past the first couple of screens. Thankfully Nicalis has confirmed, via its Twitter feed, that a patch is inbound.

Curly, your update is coming soon

The message, while a bit on the short side, is good news nonetheless. Hopefully it won't be long until gamers can enjoy a glitch-free Curly Story in North America, and much like with the VVVVVV fix we'd expect that the issue will be cleared prior to an eventual European release.

Thanks to Matt for the news tip!