Warner Bros. Games has announced Game Party Champions for Wii U, triggering a flood of negative responses on its Facebook page. "Let's get the shovelware started early," stated one person, while another lamented: "Games like this are why so many people hate the Wii."

Developed by Phosphor Games — the team behind the graphically stunning mobile release The Dark Meadow — Game Party Champions proves that the infamous party game genre is going to be alive and well on Nintendo's new machine. “Developed specifically for Wii U, Game Party Champions has a fun, pick up-and-play style that experienced and novice gamers will equally enjoy,” is what Samantha Ryan of Warner Bros. had to say. “Players can tilt, turn and swipe the Wii U’s revolutionary touch screen controller to play in entirely new ways.” In short, it's the kind of hyperbole we heard enough of during the Wii's lifespan.

Do you think we're being too negative towards games of this type? Does Game Party Champions get your pulse racing? There's a comment section below this post. Be sure to use it.