Popular message-swapper Nintendo Letter Box got an update today that lets you write and draw with coloured ink.

European 3DS owners can simply scan the QR code below to go straight to the update, which adds five coloured inks to the free application: red, blue, green, purple and orange. Black remains an option too.

To scan the QR code below:

  • Hold L or R on the 3DS Home Menu to bring up the camera.
  • Tap the chequerboard option — this opens up the QR reader.
  • Align the frame with the QR code and it will offer you a link.
  • Press A.

North American users can simply visit the eShop to be prompted to update.

To select the new colours tap left or right on the D-Pad. Note that you can only use one coloured ink per letter, so you can't draw multi-coloured masterpieces.

This update is now available around the world.