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As some of you — specifically those of you based in the UK — may be aware, Nintendo has been running a 3D photo competition alongside the Royal Photographic Society, with the winners in line for a trip to Paris. It closes on 17th June and you can still read about the photography competition details, or the Another Dimension celebrity events if you fancy going along this week.

Nintendo has received thousands of entries so far but is still keen to encourage as many people as possible to take part, and with that in mind the Royal Photographic Society has produced a document to help budding photographers with some useful tips. The following advice, specifically for the 3DS camera, was produced by 3D photography expert David Burder.

The great thing about the camera is that you can see the results in real 3D effect, as you go along. Magic!

You will find the Nintendo 3DS is ideally suited for photographing quite close to subjects, as near as an arm’s length away. This is because its two lenses are close together, so you can get in really close. When picking a subject to photograph, remember the Three Fs- Friends, Family and Furry things. These make ideal 3D subjects.

It’s best to avoid photos of distant scenes unless you have people or other objects in the foreground, say a couple of metres away from where you are with your Nintendo 3DS would be ideal.

Action photos may result in blurry pictures because the shutter speed cannot be changed. It is fun to try them anyway, as the 3D effect can be quite spooky!

3D loves clutter in the shot, as it really enhances the 3D effect. Without the magic of 3D, such shots could look very confusing. For the best shots, try to build in various levels of depth for even greater 3D effect. In 3D, the photo really comes to life!

Always compose your photo with 3D in mind, for example, don't photograph your friends standing in a straight line, like ducks at the fair. Instead, get then to stand higgledy piggledy in front and behind of each other. The 3D effect will be much more impressive. Magic!

The special “in-camera” effects on the Nintendo 3DS are really worth playing with. A particularly fun mode is when you blow into the microphone and bubbles and notes and stars float in 3D space above your photo. Because it is all in real-time, you can click at the precise moment that these floaters are in the perfect position.

Photography is all about experimenting, and having fun experimenting. A lot of the most surprising and delightful images are captured completely by accident, although photographers will never admit this!

If you want to enter the competition, check out for all of the details.