The new title may not fit in the logo

All the way back in May 2011, creative game developer Jason Rohrer confirmed that Diamond Trust of London would arrive, courtesy of publisher Zoo Games, in late 2011. That period has passed, and Rohrer has confirmed in a blog entry that the title was held up by the 'Nintendo Approval Process'.

This unconventional release will involve working in the diamond mining industry in Angola before 'blood diamond' UN legislation was introduced: engaging in bribery and other criminal activities will be part of the job at hand. It's an interesting concept and thankfully the game is now in a position to be published, with the biggest casualty being the title. It'll now be snappily called Jason Rohrer with Music by Tom Bailey: Diamond Trust of London, which just rolls off the tongue. It's probably an interesting tale of how that title came to be, but as Rohrer explains it's a story that can't be shared: 'it's kind of a funny story, but it's also kind of a non-disclosure-agreement-shrouded story.'

The positive news is that the game is now authorised for publication, so we'll keep an eye out for further details.