No wonder he's happy

Kirby is back to suck at Christmas again, as Nintendo has announced that Kirby's Adventure Wii will reach Europe in December.

The game previously known as Kirby Wii and alternatively Kirby's Return to Dream Land is set to pinkify the continent before 2012 arrives. It's part of a two-pronged Kirby attack on Europe, as Kirby Mass Attack is scheduled for release on DS on 28th October.

Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Waddle Dee will take you back to Dream Land once more, as Kirby’s Adventure Wii launches across Europe in December. Kirby and his enemies put their differences behind them and join forces to help an alien who wants to return home after crash landing in Dream Land.

Those of you who also want some Kirby fun whilst on the move are also in for a treat. Take charge of up to ten Kirby at once, to defeat enemies and solve inventive puzzles, when Kirby Mass Attack launches on the Nintendo DS family of consoles and Nintendo 3DS on 28th October.