Terry and the gang are all here

The Wii Virtual Console might barely be getting any games in the West now — Europe hasn't had any new ones for almost three months — but that isn't stopping Japan from continuing at the same pace as always. This month Japanese Wii owners will get another four new titles to download. Atlus keeps supporting the service with another Megami Tensei title, while the service also gets another King of Fighters instalment and two slightly lesser known titles.

The full list of games for next month is as follows:


  • Seicross — A weird mix of a racer and shoot 'em up, this is a horizontally scrolling game in which you have to fly some sort of hoverbike, dealing with enemies as well as opposing drivers. It was released in North America, so a Western release might happen.

Super Famicom:

  • Majin Tensei — Most Megami Tensei games are RPGs, but this spin-off is more of a strategy title, complete with an overhead map and monster recruiting. Pretty much no early games in the series were released outside Japan, and this is no exception.

Neo Geo:

  • Crossed Swords — An odd RPG-like game in which you have Punch-Out!! style battles with enemies you encounter. This one was also released in the west, but the Neo Geo Virtual Console has a lot of catching up to do outside Japan, so we'll have to wait and see whether it shows up or not.
  • The King of Fighters '97 — The fourth game in the series and the fourth game on VC, but as the West still lacks '96 this might also take a while to come over. It doesn't really add that much, but it's one of the more liked instalments.

For the 3DS Virtual Console, Japan got Heracles no Eikou: Ugokidashita Kamigami, a Data East RPG, this week. Next week, they'll receive ZOIDS Densetsu, which is a horizontal shoot 'em up.