Yes, this was created on the DS!

3DS owners will soon be able to show off their artistic side when Colors! 3D launches on the Nintendo eShop in Q4 2011.

Originally created as a homebrew application for the DS known as Colors! in 2007, the application was then ported over to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch a year later. The painting application has been downloaded approximately 500,000 times for the DS as of August 2010, and although developer Collecting Smiles describes the software as "simplistic", Colors! combines painting tools based on modern techniques with ease of use and user-uploaded creations in the Colors! Gallery will show you why the application has been so popular.

So what's going to be different with Colors! 3D? For a start, the 3DS download title will allow up to four users to take part in real-time collaborative painting using a Wi-Fi connection. The aforementioned gallery will also be integrated into the software, allowing users to share their works of art with each other.

As Colors! 3D will be played on a 3DS, Collecting Smiles has utilised the most prominent feature of the console as drawings will be viewable in 3D.

Expected to hit the eShop this Fall, we'll bring you more information on release dates and pricing when they are made available.

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