Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has weighed with his thoughts on Nintendo's E3 revelation of Wii U, and it seems Mr Pachter isn't 100% sold on the console.

Speaking to Eurogamer last week, Pachter had this to say:

Nintendo won [E3] with a very cool console innovation and great 3DS software.

While he seems sold on the console's main selling point — the new Wii U controller — he's not so enthusiastic about the machine's timing or name.

The most impactful 'reveal' at the show was the Wii U, which, in our opinion, is arriving two years too late. Depending on pricing, the system will be either a phenomenal success or a phenomenal failure, as competitive bundles for Xbox 360 with Kinect and PS3 with Move are likely to be priced below $300 by the time the Wii U launches.

We want to know what you make of Pachter's comments. Is he missing the point in comparing Wii U to Kinect and Move? Should Nintendo have launched Wii U two years ago, when the incumbent Wii had spent just three years on the market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.