This Saturday, it's on... you know the rest.

Round and round the high score wheel goes, and yesterday it stopped once more on New York plastic surgeon Dr. Hank Chien with a barrel-blasting 1,068,000 points, besting Wiebe's September record by a cool 4,000. However, this Saturday Wiebe will attempt to take it back again, and you can tune in to Nintendo Life as we cover the event with a live blog at 3:30 PM CST.

Wiebe will also pass along a few of his tricks before the event as he teaches DK101 to the assembled crowd. It's all going down at Logan Hardware of Chicago, Illinois, and if you plan on being in the area you can RSVP for the record attempts or sign up for the class for just $12 USD – a steal when you consider the knowledge that he's going to dish out.

The documentary film The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters brought to a larger audience the struggle between the egotistical hot sauce tycoon Billy Mitchell and affable family-man Steve Wiebe as they battled for primate prominence and Donkey Kong dominance. Since then the score has made the rounds between the two and newcomer Chien, and most recently Wiebe topped Mitchell who defeated Chien in August.

The doctor is at the top of the list again, but that may change this Saturday. Make sure to tune in then, and read our Wiebe interview to help you get pumped.

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