Today at 3:30 PM CST, we'll be bringing you live text updates below of Steve Wiebe's Donkey conquest to take back the title from Dr. Hank Chien. We'll be live at Chicago, IL's Logan Hardware bringing you to-the-second updates on the schoolteacher's climbing score. Will he reach a kill screen? Will he top Dr. Chien's 1,068,000 points? Will Billy Mitchell send an ambassador with a mysterious tape? Read below to find out, and no need to refresh as the page will update itself.

Then on Sunday we'll be interviewing Wiebe to discuss, among other things, the record attempt and the class that will pre-empt it, DK101, where Steve will pass on some of his secrets to up-and-coming players. If you can't wait for that, you can always take a look at our previous Wiebe interview.

Update: Our interview with Steve Wiebe has been pushed back to later in the week.

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