For all the Beat Junkies out there

Last August saw the NA release of the music creation application Rhythm Core Alpha from SoftEgg Enterprises. While the rest of the world is still waiting on a localized version to hit their DSi Shop, the developer has recently revealed that it's almost here and with it come numerous improvements over the original release.

Launching in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia on 21st January, the music application will cost 500 points but will also feature several new additions: a new multi-waveform vibrato, a solo mode that can be recorded into tracks, key and block changes that can be recorded into patterns, and improved pattern editing. Despite the low pricing of such a powerful application, SoftEgg Enterprises is keen to stress the value of the package:

... it is actually the most advanced music program on the Nintendo DSi. The user interface actually resembles that of professional music sequencers like Cubase, FruityLoops, Ableton Live and Reason.

The ADSR and vibrato features allow great sound customization, which, when combined with the 100's of sounds available give nearly infinite capabilities to create your own sounds.

It is also the only program that lets you change the key and scale of your own compositions on-the-fly. This, combined with the unique 2d solo mode make it really flexible for playing live or composing. These are features that no other program has.

Although it crams a lot of controls onto the screen, it is actually an easier to use interface than other music programs, because you can see all of your musical parts at once.

It is not a program for making songs with canned beats. You really make your own music!

For the full press release - which you can view as a PDF file - click here.

As we've already expressed in our review, the application certainly is a powerful tool with a heavy emphasis on functionality rather than aesthetics. For a further glimpse into what this software is capable of, check out the latest trailer for it below and tell us what you think. Will these new features entice you to purchase Rhythm Core Alpha?