No need to search for a core success on Wii now

GoldenEye 007 had a strong start to its campaign across the UK, selling twice as many units as Blood Stone, and naturally Nintendo is quick to champion the game as proof that core games can succeed on Wii.

Rob Saunders, Nintendo UK's head of communications, spoke to MCV about the game's success, saying:

The sales of GoldenEye show that these titles can and do perform well on Wii – the idea that Wii owners are only after smaller mini-game compilations or first-party titles isn’t true. A good quality title, supported well by both publisher and retail, has just as much chance of performing well as any Nintendo title.

Therein lies the problem, of course: few publishers match Nintendo's clout with retailers and the game-buying public alike, with even giants such as Ubisoft and EA struggling to sell core games on the system. Then again, they didn't have the advantage of the GoldenEye name to resonate with long-time Nintendo gamers.