A sneak peek at all the shushing to be done behind closed doors

First, there was the exciting news that Nintendo would be attending the Consumer Electronics Show for the first time in 16 years. Then, there was the disappointing mix-up that mistakenly listed Nintendo as an exhibitor with a public display. Now, hopes of announcements ― even behind closed doors ― have also been dashed as Nintendo officially confirms its participation at the Las Vegas event.

Speaking to News10.net, Charlie Scibetta, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Nintendo of America has confirmed that the company will be attending as an exhibitor. However, the situation is that:

Nintendo of America has booked meeting room space at the 2011 CES but... will not be making any announcements about current or upcoming products during the show...

Having only booked meeting room space with no reservation on the show floor, and with the launch of the 3DS only months away, Nintendo doesn't have much time left to spread the word and let gamers try out the system for themselves. Not only is the general public waiting for release details for the handheld, but news of hands-on opportunities like the recently announced Nintendo World 2011 event would be nice too, don't you think?

[source news10.net]