Suda51's press room of choice

When you have an unorthodox game designer like Goichi Suda and a wonder machine like the 3DS that's sure to ignite a few sparks in developers' creative minds, we as consumers could very well be in for a treat. The CEO at Grasshopper Manufacture, more commonly known as Suda51, recently spoke to Revogamers about ideas he's considering for on Nintendo's highly anticipated portable system (albeit a bit obliquely), qualities that game designers must have, and the prospect of No More Heroes 3.

When people have the opportunity to chat to Suda, he says, a large proportion of them ask which of his games is his favourite. If you get a straight answer out of him, consider yourself lucky as he states that he's very proud of all his games and to single one out as a favourite is a difficult thing for him to do.

A distinguishing trait of Grasshopper Manufacture titles is the boldness of the often over-the-top characters and storylines. Suda says that he feels it's necessary to be extravagant in that sense in order to highlight the style and spirit of the game. Passion is another important quality to have, he thinks, especially if you're fearless. What a designer may think is a great idea is still capable of disappointing the fans, so one must convey them with passion. For example, Suda recounts the risk he took with No More Heroes by keeping the laser katana recharge method as a Wii Remote shaking gesture, even though he thought gamers might not like it. As it turns out, that wasn't the case.

Will we ever be able to play this on our DS?

With regards to 3DS ideas, he's a little less forthcoming:

I have good ideas that utilise the 3DS features, and they're ideas that can actually be done. But I won't give away my secrets to other game designers out there. I'm keeping quiet... I get the impression that many publishers are looking to give more prominence to the way hidden objects are collected in potential 3DS games. Traditionally, these collectable objects are used to supply the player with additional information, but with the 3DS, emphasis could be put on the physical movements you make in the process of finding these material objects.

On the subject of a No More Heroes 3, if it were made, he says that it would definitely be designed for the eventual successor to the Wii. The fact that it could be awhile before such a system is available doesn't bother Suda because he says that Grasshopper Manufacture is happy to take its time with a follow-up in order for the series to grow as a franchise.

Suda51's favourite David Bowie album? Ziggy Stardust.

On another note, gamers looking forward to the return of the 1999 Playstation title The Silver Case may have to continue waiting. A version for the DS was completed awhile ago but has already become outdated by today's standards, so whether that finished build gets released, re-worked, or scrapped is uncertain, though Suda states that he would love to launch it anyway.

Check out the rest of the interview, which you might have to use an online translator to do as the original article is in Spanish.