Fans of WiiWare in Australia and New Zealand are used to seeing titles face long delays or not make it across at all, but it still stings every time. Sadly there's more bad news: we recently interviewed PopCap's Ty Roberts who confirmed to us that Bejeweled 2 won't be heading to Nintendo's download platform Down Under.

Ty Roberts: We are working on the European release for sure. I’m hoping that will get out shortly. We’re not doing Australia or New Zealand this time around. Since we typically release digitally downloadable titles, people all over the world have access to our games already.

It's disappointing to hear this very promising title won't be available for players in Australia and New Zealand to download.

The full interview will be posted later tonight on Nintendo Life, with Ty chatting freely about the difficulties of Wii development, PopCap's ethos and who's the best Robotron player in the team. Don't miss out.

In the meantime, if you're upset about the lack of Bejeweled 2 for your antipodean Wii, here's some Bejeweled you can play without even switching on your Wii. You're welcome.