No skool like old-skool

You heard right - Capcom are including an old-school shoot-'em-up in their anticipated fighter Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. The minigame, set in the landscapes of Lost Planet, will let up to four players loose in what promises to be some crazy blasting action.

Playable characters include Ryu and PTX-40A from the Capcom side of the game, and Ken the Eagle and Tekkaman from Tatsunoko, the popular anime studio who will be providing half the game's fighters.

Capcom have a rich gaming heritage and it's nice to see them drawing on past influences to create something like this. It's sure to please those amongst us who mourn the death of the arcade-era anyway. It's a nice inclusion, but it might risk drawing our attention more than the actual, you know, fighting.

Check out the trailer below: