With the 2010 Olympic Winter Games just round the corner, it was almost inevitable that some sort of winter sports game would take an upcoming WiiWare release slot.

Still it is a bit icy outside and winter sports can be fun. At least it’s not a naff Christmas game, eh?

We reported the announcement of this title not too long ago. Now the developer has given us a video revealing all the sports the Olympic audience can look forward to playing while there’s a break in the snowboarding, bobsledding and freestyle skiing.

It’s now confirmed, amongst others, everyone can enjoy taking part in classic winter sports such as sledge riding, snowmen building and, er, Christmas tree decorating.

Still, the developer doesn’t have too much of a shabby history going on its two DSiWare releases, so it’s best not to pass judgement just yet. And whilst it’s Teyon’s first WiiWare release, they might just be able to pull a half decent game out of the stocking.

You can expect Nintendo Life to be quick on a review as soon as we find the batteries.