Let’s check out what they had to say:


I am was very pleased to see that the game is absolutely brutal. I don’t think that Mega Man 2 is all that challenging, but Mega Man 1 kicks my ass all the time. While Capcom may be trying to reach Mega Man 2 levels of greatness, they are definitely bringing us Mega Man 1 style difficulty. There were only two levels to check out in the demo, and in the time I had to play, I couldn’t manage to make it through either of them. Punishing is the perfect word to use. This is a big throwback to classic gaming in a great way. Until I got my hands on Mega Man 9, I had almost forgotten what old-school, NES-style abuse was like. This is the kind of stuff that will have you slamming down your Wiimote in frustration, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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Wii Fanboy

The stages remind me a lot of Mega Man 2. The Concrete Man stage starts off looking like Wood Man's stage, and then moves into a girder-based design. It's absolutely, one hundred percent classic Mega Man in design. Jumps lead into unavoidable Metool hits, birds fly by and drop exploding eggs, and enemies pop up out of chasms just as you try to jump.

It’s all sounding pretty positive based on this analysis. When we hear impressions from other sources we’ll keep you posted. The sooner this hits WiiWare the better!