The US lawyer Jack Thompson attempted to get the game "Bully" banned from sale in Florida saying it was nothing more than a "Columbine simulator".

The lawyer has a history of hate towards video games and seems to think they are the root of all evil. Thankfully for the gaming world, a US Judge rejected his proposal and the game will launch for PS2 on schedule this week in both the US and the UK.

"On Wednesday, the judge ordered the game's publisher Take-Two to give him a copy of the game, along with someone to play the game for him to watch before he made a decision. ''You did not see the game, You don't even know what it was you saw." Mr Thompson criticised the decision to have an employee take him through the game, arguing he could have avoided making violent choices."

Jack Thompson really misses the point, he doesn't get it at all. GUNS are the problem in the United States, not games.