Speaking at last weeks Hollywood and Games Summit Paul W.S. Anderson discussed his latest project, Resident Evil 3 aka Extinction. This time we're outside Raccoon City, primarily in the deserts of Nevada and around Las Vegas. Oh, and its the end of the world.

"Umbrella Corporation has failed to control the outbreaks of the T-Virus and the world has been literally wiped out".

Uh oh, so like, what are Alice, Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield going to do now?

"There's very little humanity left and a handful of human survivors are travelling around the remnants of the world in these heavily armoured convoys and what they do is they go to the least populated parts of the world, because they figure that's where the least undead will be, and they travel in these heavily armoured trucks and customized rolling fortresses - it's very Road Warrior - at high speed so that the undead don't get anywhere near them."

Does this really sound like Resident Evil to you? Has Anderson gone too far this time? I'm certainly not too convinced by this storyline. What happened to a good old zombie infested Raccoon City Police Department?

"We built... parts of Paris [the casino]. So we built a chunk of the Eiffel Tower, but half-buried in sand. It's really spectacular"

Yeah cool, but how does that relate to Resident Evil? Anyways, we hear Russell Mulcahy will be directing this time around, with Milla Jovovich reprising Alice, Ali Larter joining as Redfield and Sienna Guillory to return as Jill Valentine.

Resident Evil: Extinction is due out sometime in 2007.

[source eurogamer.net]