Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Virtual Boy

  • US 14th Aug 1995
  • JP 21st Jul 1995


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    Should Fox McCloud be scared?

    Red Alarm is a 3D shooter where you take your Tech-Wing Fighter and battle through five enemy-filled levels, each ending with a showdown with a boss character. When it was originally released the first thing people noticed were the wire frame graphics, bringing to mind games such as Battlezone and Elite; although these...

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About The Game

Red Alarm is a game for the Nintendo Virtual Boy video game console. Released in August 1995 by T&E Soft, it was one of the four titles available at the console's introduction. The game takes place 70 years in the future (from the game's release), where a computer named KAOS threatens to take over the world and destroy mankind. The player's mission is to enter KAOS using a Tech-Wing Fighter plane and destroy it.

The game is set in a full 3D environment, using wire frame graphics similar to those used in games like Atari's Battlezone and Star Wars arcade games, as well as Starglider and X. The player has extensive control over the plane's movements, using all available buttons on the Virtual Boy's controller. Red Alarm stands out amongst the small crop of titles available for the Virtual Boy as one of the games that makes best use of the controller and 3D effects, and has a slightly smoother frame rate when compared to games like Star Fox on the SNES.