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  • News Supergiant Shares Hades Voiceover Stats, Charon Hardly Gets A Word In

    How many ways can you say "mmmrrhhh"?

    It will come as no surprise to any of you that have played it that there's a literal hell of a lot of writing in Hades. 305,433 words, to be precise, according to Supergiant's infographic. "The numbers may not be 100% accurate, depending on how you count," they warn on Twitter, "but should be close." (For...

  • News These Were The Best-Selling Switch Indie Games Of 2020

    Seems like we have great taste

    It's been a brilliant year for indie games, if nothing else, and Nintendo's latest Indie World video is proof. With metroidvanias, side-scrolling brawlers, co-op party games and in-depth RPG adventure games all represented on their 16-game long list of bestsellers, it's a pretty good year to own a Nintendo Switch...

  • Feature Nintendo Life's Alternative Game Awards 2020

    Best Switch Icon, Most Long-Winded Title, Best Late Arrival and more!

    It's GOTY time, people! Yes, as 2020 draws to a close, the internet is flooded with customary lists touting the best whatever of the year (with Hades rightfully being at the top of most of them). We've had our say — and so have you — but today we're going to have some

  • News Cross-Save Support Is Now Live In The Switch Version Of Hades

    Update your copy today

    The indie hit of the year Hades today receives an exciting new update enabling cross-save support in the Nintendo Switch and PC version of the game. This allows players to transfer progress from Switch to PC or vice versa. You'll get any relevant achievements once you start playing and you'll also get the achievement for the...

  • News The Game Awards GOTY Is The Last Of Us Part 2

    Animal Crossing wins best family game award

    The Game Awards has just wrapped up for another year and the winner is the PlayStation exclusive The Last of Us Part 2. Although Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold more than 26 million units and been labelled a "phenomenon" since its release in March, it seems it still wasn't enough for it to take out...