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  • US 4th Oct 2010, 800 points
  • EU 23rd Aug 2012, 800 points


  • Review Rummikub (DSiWare)

    Basic and boring or fantastic and fun?

    If classic board, card and table top games that have been brought to the DSiWare service were pop stars, solitaire would be Lady Gaga and Rummikub would be Kelly Rowland (formerly of Destiny's Child). While one stands alone and captures the attention of millions, the other struggles with popularity unless they...

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About The Game

For more than 50 years, players have loved Rummikub for its combination of tactical thinking, luck and tense competition.

In this new edition for the Nintendo DSiWare service, combine the tiles to create the smartest combinations and play with friends who have their own copy of Rummikub. You can also pit your wits against the computer in single-player mode at various difficulty settings. Collect all the medals Rummikub has to offer and become the world champion.