Topic: best multiplaer games for the wii?

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im looking for good multiplayer games for the wii such as super smash, kirby and ect.. would love to hear about some other multiplayers games



Obligatory mentions/stating of the obvious - New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Mario Kart Wii., Mario & Sonic Olympics, Wii Sports, Wii Party, Mario Party, Just Dance.

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Oh yes! New Super Mario Bros Wii and Wii Sports Resort were particular favourites at my house! ..a slightly more obscure option, that I quite enjoyed, was BIT.TRIP BEAT - a rhythm game for up to 4 players - it was quite simple, but really cool and fun to play...and chasing high scores and perfect runs got really addictive! (..quite cheap too, from what I remember - which is always good! )

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Here you go !

  • Wii Party
  • Go Vacation !
  • My Sims Racing
  • Dance Dance Revolution II
  • Mario Kart Wii

Top 8 Konami's Rhythm games:
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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Bomberman Blast is a cheap and cheerful download option. It supports up to 8 players on one console (although I think you need GameCube controllers to achieve that) and is arguably better than the Switch's much pricier Super Bomberman R, although of course you can't play it online anymore.

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