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A pikmin RTS would be cool

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Johnny117 wrote:

A pikmin RTS would be cool

But... Pikmin is kind of already an RTS...

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YellowChocobo wrote:

Yoshi dating game.

I totally forgot about Dating Games.

I think a slice-of-life dating game set in the Zelda OoT universe would be best. The date-able girls would be: Malon, Ruto, Saria, all the Kokiri girls, The cuckoo lady, the bombchu girl, maybe a young Gerudo girl, maybe a young apprentice to the potion shop lady, and many more. They could even reuse the time-travelling mechanic somehow, so that you can woo the girls while you're a little kid and have that affect what happens as an adult.

The only other title that I can think of is Pokemon. I mean, a young trainer can meet a lot of people his age on his journey, and pokemon centers are basically free hotels...


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