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What Wii U games took the most advantage of the GamePad in ways (as in not only just letting you continue your game when someone else wants to watch TV for example) that would make them the hardest to replicate on the Switch?

Nintendo Land and Game & Wario are two that immediately come to mind.


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I think lego city undercover did it quite well.
Best game was nintendoland, though



In terms of game systems that cannot be replicated without two separate screens, here are a couple that I've played recently:

Star Fox Zero - Arwing view and cockpit view on separate screens took some getting used to, but it was unique and fun, and pretty impressive at a technical level.
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - not only did it give you maps, but it doubled as a means to receive txt msgs from your friends.


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Here's my list:
Super Mario Maker, it showcased the Wii U GamePad really well, and would've made a great launch title.
Nintendo Land, it was basically the Wii Sports of the Wii U.
LEGO City Undercover, it used it pretty well.
Star Fox Zero, it used the Gyro aiming and first-person view with the GamePad.
Splatoon, the Wii U GamePad had useful motion controls and a map.
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, using the gyro to move around the "diorama" is pretty cool imo.
Pikmin 3, I thought the GamePad was a good controller for Pikmin 3. It utilized the hardware pretty well.
New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U, it let you create platforms.
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, I think it's cool just displaying the GamePad using it as a way to check %'s.
Super Mario 3D World, you moved the GamePad to find Green Stars.
That's all I can think of for now, there are probably some more.

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Zombi U

created tension while having to look away from the main screen while game play was continuing

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Splatoon, Mario Maker, Game & Wario, and Nintendo Land for sure, but the one game that immediately came to mind for me was Xenoblade Chronicles X. I think it makes great use of the gamepad screen, since you use the map so frequently.

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Affordable Space Adventures- the game pad is your cockpit. Very fun game.

The Wonderful 101- drawing crazy shapes to do battle. & lots of rumble on the game pad lol.

6180 the moon- utilizes ds setup & good reviews, though I've yet to play it.

Others- Spin the bottle: Bumpie's party, Mario party 10, Wii Party U, Runbow (color master), Unepic (great map + inventory), Wii fit U, Rayman legends



Monster Hunter 3 U allowed people to remove the entire HUD from the TV and have it displayed on the gamepad. Really any game that displayed info on the gamepad while you were playing (as in not paused to look at that info) will not be replicable on the switch.

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While Rayman Legends can be ported to the Switch (or any modern console, as was proven quite clearly by Ubisoft, as you might recall), I feel confident that the game loses something without it.

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As previously mentioned by @Andrezej777 and @TheLegendOfLaser , LEGO City Undercover made great use of the Gamepad, and is certainly one of my favourite Wii U titles. Here's a list of some of the things you could with the Gamepad in the game:

  • Use it as a minimap, obviously.
  • Select which vehicle you would like to call in.
  • Use it as a scanner to search for criminal activity.
  • The scanner function could also be used to find secrets within LEGO City and in the levels, such as minikits and character tokens.
  • Throughout the main story, it would be used to receive video calls on from your colleagues.

I'm sure I'm missing some, but these features on top of an already excellent LEGO game really made me realise what a great console the Wii U was.

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Wii Sports Club. For Golf you'd put the gamepad on the floor and it would show you the ball on the ground, as well as your swing strength and whether you were hooking or slicing. So you'd look down at your "ball," take a few practice shots, swing, and then look up at the TV to see the ball fly. Also in Wii Sports Club Baseball when you were pitching you could aim your pitch on the gamepad so the batter couldn't see where, and if he hit it you had to hold the gamepad facing up to catch the ball.

Also Wii Fit U. You could position the gamepad on the floor, or propped up against the wall, or wherever was convenient so you could see the trainer when you were in different yoga positions or whatever. You could also use the gamepad in mirror mode with the camera to see how you looked versus how the trainer looked.

Not sure how they'll do these in Switch.



Deus Ex
Rayman Legends
Star Fox Zero
Star Fox Guard
Zombi U
Splinter Cell
Need For Speed Most Wanted
Batman Arkham City

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Madden was pretty cool too with the play selection. ...



Fatal Frame Maiden of Blackwater.
The main mechanic of the game is using your "spirit camera" (aka Gamepad). Looking at the TV you couldn't see the ghosts, but if you held your gamepad up you can see them. Another cool feature is that as you moved the gamepad around in a semi-circle, your view would also change.

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can't praise this enough: Game & Wario,
more specifically, the mini-game GAMER.
You play classic WarioWare on the GamePad. When your mom sneaks into your room to check if you're asleep or still playing games, you have to "hide" your console by tilting it downwards, as you would hide your GBA under your sheets. It gives you exactly the same feeling of playing a "forbidden" game when you should be sleeping because tomorrow is a school day.
It's a thing of beauty - it's definitely the best thing Sakamoto has done ever since he got a ponytail. And it would be impossible to replicate on any system that doesn't have two screens that work independently.

Game & Wario also has ISLANDS, an amazing multiplayer game where you use the GamePad as a slingshot to shoot Frocks on moving platforms on the sea. It's one of the best multiplayer modes of its generation.I wouldn't recommend Game & Wario to everybody because 80% of it is just filler, but the 20% on it that is good is actually world class mega first rate.

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A lot of the mentioned games can be played GamePad-only and therefore could be replicated on the Switch. For example, I've played Starfox Zero, Fatal Frame, Xenoblade XC, Mario Maker, Deus Ex, Batman AC and Splinter Cell using only the GamePad. Plus, Lego City Undercover is coming out for Switch and Zombi U was released for PS4/PC/Xbone so I can't imagine it would be too difficult to port a two-screen game to a one-screen machine.

Saying that, obviously some of the experience would be lost. I think Affordable Space Adventures would be the most difficult to port to Switch, unless they put the HUD on-screen. Again, it would change the feel of the game, although a two-player version using the Joy-Cons could be pretty neat.


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