Topic: Have you ever taken apart your Wii U to clean it? Would you?

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So, would you? There's a multitude of YouTube videos showing how to disassemble the Wii U console. It would, however, void your warranty so you have to be very careful.

The reason I'm asking this is because I think my system needs to be cleaned. The vents are dusty. I cleaned my computer last night. There was a lot of dust inside.

Would you ever take apart your Wii U to remove dust from it? If done correctly it improves system performance and keeps the components cool.

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Absolutely not. My warranty's void by this point in time, but I wouldn't chance anything happening to my Wii U. It can stay dusty (even if I clean it on the outside every couple of months). I usually don't like taking chances with my electronic devices.

I have a chronic lack of time, for everything.

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Just use a keyboard cleaning spray.


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Yeah sure. I opened my Wii last year to replace the disc drive and had no problems at all, and often strip my PC and laptop for a clean. So long as you are careful and use the correct screwdrivers you should have no issues (remember to ground yourself to avoid static discharge before touching any electrical components). My Wii U is now out of warranty so I would have no issue opening it up to give it a clean. In fact I might do it soon - thanks for reminding me.


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