Topic: Have you ever been banned for using a modded Wii U?

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I have one with some homebrew on it and i was wondering if it's safe to go online or attempt to get on the eshop? Will i wake up the next morning and find I've been perma banned? I heard this happens on xbox live. You so much as log in to Xbox live with a modded console and bam account banned!

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@Zeldafan79 You need to research what your homebrew setup is. I assume you didn't install the homebrew setup yourself, but if you did then go back to your source for that process and read up.

My Wii U is softmodded and has no issues with online stuff. Eshop works fine. Mario Kart 8 online works fine.

I use cold boot haxchi and have probably adjusted the DNS settings.

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Actually yes i did it myself. I've only recently got into modding but i did successfully pull it off with a regular wii. Now I'm in the process of doing it on wii u but seeing as how it's kinda a recent console and the online is still active i was worried i might get banned. Not that hardly anybody still uses those online anymore. Plus at this point i think they're done with updates. I'll double check the video tutorial i was watching and i think i can take care of the rest. Thanks!

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Lesson for you.
Play with Original machines.
No jailbreaking for a sake of pleasure.
My Wii U is still fine because mine is Original and got the latest update.
I know region lock is suck, but i will keep obey the rules.

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Oh i have original machines! I just sometimes like to tinker with them just to see how much more i can get out of them. I only use rips of games i already own though. I'm not pirating.



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